Long-Term Contract

Long-Term Contract

One of Agilis Systems’ features is, we have the ability to build a long-term and reliable partnership with clients. All customers are valuable to us. Thus, the long-term contract model has become one of our main business models.

A long-term contract model can:

  • Agilis Systems professional team will work with client directly. The client himself can get involved in Project Management and task allocation. Agilis professional team will be in touch with client directly.
  • Agilis Systems will provide service throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) including requirement analysis, system architecture, development, testing , Deployment and Project Management.
  • Agilis Systems is having expertise in Waterfall and Scrum models. Agilis Systems suggests scrum model to run the project in long-term business model to get the best ROI to customers.
Core Competence Strict screening

Our strict screening process helps us to get qualified technical skilled resources on board. We are believing in 100% professionalism and integrity. Before placing resources on project, We believe to place skilled developer on the project so we always  accept client’s request of telephonic interview of our developers.

Our Investment

Agilis Systems having rich training program. Our technical expertise always keep updating training programs to sharpen technical knowledge of our professionals with latest technologies. Which empower us to deliver the best to our customers.

Whole-course Transparency

Agilis Systems always believe in Transparency. We guarantee to completely share all the project situations without any reservation. We are sharing Project plan, Project Milestones,  Weekly status report, Daily task level updation with our valuable customers.

Strong Internal Management

Agilis Systems having strong management. They are always on their toe to overcome hurdles come during the execution of project to ensure that the project goes well.