Fixed Bid

Fixed Bid

Generally, Customers who are able to clearly define project scope would prefer this model. Under this model, Project cost and timeline will be pre-estimated, and a lucid project plan will be drafted.

For startups customers, you are also welcome to this model. We are having team who will help you out to understand your requirement in detail and then document it and that document will be baselined for development team as well as stakeholders. Based on this document, project timeline and cost is decided. In this model, client knows the launching date of the application.

Daily Check-in/Check-out

Every morning, our developers get the latest source code from centralised repository and build it. At the end of the day, they will submit their working code into the centralised repository.

Weekly releases

We give weekly build of the developed tasks to our customers. Apart from this, we mention about the features which is included in the build. so Customer can verify the functionality quickly and provide us feedback.

Coding Standards

Agilis Systems having coding standards. We are following language specific coding standards even we following database coding standards as well.

Code inspection

Our core development team reviewing work of team members in twice in a week and ensuring that they are following coding standards as well as rules of Object Oriented Programming concepts. Core team logs their review comments in the document which are discussed in our internal technical meetings and enhancing the rules to make coding standards robust.